Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NOW AVAILABLE: Sex in the Library

Sex in the Library is an anthology of nine provocative, text-based performance pieces by members of the Writing for Performance class at Eastern Michigan University (Winter 2012). These texts represent an extensive range of textual and performance strategies examined and actualized over the course of the semester. The texts are captivating on the page: visually, linguistically, syntactically, and in terms of their performative, textual presentations. Each piece further points to its own dramatic realization off the page. From a musical score to an improvisational divination, the work included here is smart and dynamic, serious and hilarious, and of the caliber and genre-busting spirit of great Poets Theater work. Sex in the Library is a textual event indicative of many further off-page events to come.

Table of Contents

Emily Clarkson
Sound of Modern Silence                   

Emily Riopelle
The Monster                        

Kay Crawford                       

Melissa Bowling
What Was Once a Woman                   

G. Matthew Mapes
(rhetoric) X (labor) : an identity play in one act   

Matt Catania
iSpy and Sorel                       

Jonah D. Mixon-Webster
And We Made Them Kings                

Jill Darling
Mercury’s Conjunction to Venus               

Miranda Metelksi   


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